How to Measure & Improve Your Online Influence

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How much do you know about your online presence and influence? With all of the noise on social media, measuring your impact across industries can be quite a challenge. Whilst there are plenty of tools that enable you to listen, schedule & post across a variety of channels, what about a program that could indicate where your opinion is most valued? If this is something that you’ve been looking for, here’s an awesome new tool to help you.

Right Relevance is a topical search engine that finds, and ranks, influencers & articles related to key words. Even better, Right Relevance has now released a Hootsuite app with a number of amazing features that can help you to discover, not just your own topical influence, but that of your followers as well. The combination of Hootsuite and Right Relevance provides you with a fantastic opportunity to manage your social media accounts, publish content, listen & measure your impact across the realm of social.

Having tried, and tested, the Premium version of Right Relevance, here’s what I thought of it:

Discover Your Area’s of Influence

Right Relevance Hootsuite app Topical Influence

More than anything, I really wanted to know what topics and industries I’ve been associated with. The great thing about Right Relevance, is that it lists the topics that you hold the most influence in. You’ll be given a score for each topic and, even better, this app provides you with a graph so that all of the information can be digested visually. Right Relevance provides you with a score based on a pagerank like algorithm based on the content that you share and the network of links between other topical influencers.

As well as this, the graph can be downloaded as a PNG, JPEG, PDF or SVG vector image. You can benefit from seeing how much your influence has developed over a period of time & whether your brand is being associated with the right industries. Not only does this enable you to see where your words carry the most weight, it also allows you to see the areas that may need to be worked on.

BONUS: When you click on each topic, Right Relevance lists all of your followers that are also highly influential within that area. Consider this as an opportunity to see who you may want to collaborate with in the future!

Explore Audience Insights
Right Relevance Hootsuite app - Influential followers

Beyond discovering the areas of expertise that you’re known for – Right Relevance also allows you to see the topical influence of your followers & those who you are following. Both the followers & following screens are presented in a very similar fashion. You can see a list of topics, how many of your followers/following fall within each topic & Right Relevance ‘recommends’ other users that you may like to follow. Personally, I love being able to see the variety of topical influence within my online community. It is another great way to see what industries your content is reaching.

BONUS: I’ve always wanted to know where most of my followers are located. This type of information can help you to optimize scheduling and make sure that followers across different time zones see your work. Right Relevance gives you a sneak peak into this information by mapping out where your most influential followers/following are located.

In addition to this, you can also see the percentage of followers/following that hold particular areas of topical influence. Similarly to the chart that displays your own topical influence, this information can be downloaded, stored and compared on a regular basis. Useful data presented simply & easy to digest!

Individual Tweet Analysis
Right Relevance Hootsuite app - Tweet Analysis

Gaining an insight into your overall influence is great, but Right Relevance takes this data one step further by showing you how influential each individual tweet is. Here, you can see the overall reach your tweets have gained, who has retweeted each message & the areas of expertise that these users are know for.

BONUS; There’s another great data chart for you to download! With each individual tweet, you can see what areas of expertise your re-tweeters are known for & thus see what industries your message is being exposed to.

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